Welcome to YogaTheIyengarWay.

The Iyengar way of teaching is unique in the modern day melange of yoga classes and teaching methods. It is intensely faithful to the tradition of Patanjali's Yogasutra.

The classes are open to all, irrespective of creed, colour, religions, gender, persuation or any such man made criteria. The class does not promote any idea other than health and well being of human beings. Yogashastra is an ancient Indian science, and was communicated primarily in Sanskrit. But the classes are conducted in English, though a few words - including the names of the asana's - are in Sanskrit. No one needs to know Sanskrit!


Yogasana classes serve a dual purpose. The first of course is the learning of asana and some of the subtle aspects of the subject. The second is that an experienced teacher observes each student, and is able to give feedback on how the student has progressed, and can then practice those asana at home.

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Asana in a colloquial sense means postures. Yogasana then are a set of such postures that a practitioner performs, and each posture generates increased awareness of the body, improved alignment of muscles, bones, and even internal organs, such that they all lead to a healthier body free of aches and pains.

To allow the mind to be calm, focused and free to contemplate, the body must be brought to a healthy state such that there are no disturbances arising from the body, to affect the mind.