Anjani Shah - Iyengar Yoga teacher since 1994, practitioner since 1979.



Anjani is originally from Bombay (Mumbai), where she joined Guruji's classes in 1979 - and never really left! Guruji told her "जा के सिखाओ" - go teach, when she met him to inform him about her family's move from Bombay to Singapore.  Thus, in following her Guru's wish, Anjani started teaching yogasana in Singapore from early 1994 onwards.

Yoga Practitioner

Anjani builds yoga community. Like Guruji himself, and all members of his yoga family, Anjani has always seen herself as a perennial student of yoga, and she thinks of the classes she conducts as everybody learning together, by sharing the experiences of the asanas, and lessons derived. Her teaching style and class format closely mimic the Bombay class that she had attended. To that approach she has added her compassion and intution. Anjani hears Guruji's words ringing in her mind all the time "...teach from your heart.." and "...the more knowledge you give, the more you yourself will get...". She is passionate and forceful when needed. Little gets her more worked up than a students not fulfilling their full potential to learn and benefit from yogasana. 

Anjani is very hands on, and demonstrates the pose and the refinement or focus she wants, herself. She builds a rapport with each of her students, keeping in mind their history, and monitoring their progress. She is unrelenting in ensuring that no one gets hurt in the class, and while she remonstrates with students who do their own thing, she will still help them remove their pains. 

Anjani is a very intuitive person, and remembers the various finer points and trick and tips she has learnt from the Iyengar family in Bombay and Pune, and all the senior teachers of the Bombay class. She innovates her own ideas, as she pushes her students to learn and learn.


Anjani majored in psychology from Bombay University, and followed it up with a diploma in Special Education, so that she could work with children with special needs. Anjani taught at a school for special needs children in Bombay, for over 15 years, till the family moved to Singapore. Anjani, her husband, and daughters have made Singapore their home since 1993.

Anjani and her family are very fond of nature, photography, birds, mountains, flowers etc.